Keep it Clean and Hot, Uniten Cup 2009

. Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Uniten Cup 2009 has entered its second week and the competition is still going with all the teams are chasing their place for the knock-out stage early next year. So far, all the seeded team's have won their first match, except Atletico Madrid who lost their first match against Geylang. However, this is not really a surprise compared to the match between the last season finalist Sao Paolo and Benfica where the match end with one-all draw.

The total number of goals produced until now are 78 goals with Sao Paolo's Theeban tied with Benfica's Abdi Azeez with 5 goals each at the top. This has been already predicted as the average goal scored in every match is around 3.5. The record holder for the most goal scored in one match is held by Vasco who obliterate Mamelodi with 11 goals.

Despite the good atmosphere of this event and also the sportmanship showed by the player, a number of yellows and one red have seen the sunlight. This is not good as the football community are trying to achive fairplay in all of their games. Also, some rumours have been heard as some of people are comparing this year event with the last year event, which is being admitted as the best Uniten Cup ever. My piece of thought here, just let the organizer do their job and we'll see the result at the end if the competiton.

Overall, this is the only event here where we can see all the students, regardless of their courses, age, colour, and nationality, play in one field together. We can see how united they are and hope that this is the same with all the events organize here in our beloved university.

So play well and nice, and uphold the prestige of this competition.

See you next time

We're Back In Business

. Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello and welcome,

I would like to announce in this space that, the Uniten Daily is back in business after a long break. We apologize deeply with the sudden disappearence of our articles and news from this blogsite. This is due to the problems faced by The Moderator to maintain his correspondence. Most of 'em are graduating, having probelms due to exposed identity, and also have to be neutral due to their commitment to the student.

However, beginning with this post, me myself, The Moderator will try as much as I can to at least put up a post about current issues and activities in our beloved campus and i'll try my best to make it be like an online campus newspaper.

Watch out for this space for more news.

Articles are much appreciated especially from the students, as usual your identity will not be shown unless stated. Send your articles to