Are We Secured?

. Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Are We Secured?

Recently, there's a robbery in Kelompok Murni. Two guys, suspected to be Indonesian armed with knife, broke into one of the 1st floor unit and got away with a laptop, handphone, wallet, and a digicam. Luckily, the intruder didn't hurt the poor girl.


My sources told me that the unlucky girl was threaten to gave up her belongings with a 'parang' on her neck (not a knife as reported earlier). Right now the girl was seriously traumatized, and also her housemates.


This bring me to a question, how safe we are in UNITEN? During the talk with Prof. Ghaz, one student did ask why did the 'Polis Bantuan' were replaced with security guards (which some of them look like mat rempit or drug addict)? Maybe at that time the answer was good enough, they need the guys to guard TNB power stations, since power generation is the main source of income for TNB (not UNITEN, but that's another story). Ok, that's fine. But what are the use of this security guard if they can't secure the safety of the student? In my humble opinion, there's nothing wrong employing private security company as long as they do their job. But do they do their job aside from manning the main gates? Did they do the daily routine check up? Patrolling the building (or is it the job of the 'Polis Bantuan' to patrol the academic building?). And what about the safety of the 'Kelompok Penginapan' that are situated near the UNITEN outside perimeter? Who's incharge in patrolling that area?

This thing need to be brought up to the administration. I'm pretty sure that Prof.Ghaz will look at this thing immediately. Something need to be done immediately to fix this matter. Or do we have to wait until bloodshed happen, or when students get abducted and then found dead, stuffed in a bag?

My suggestion is that, the security must be increased, especially at the 'Kelompok Murni' and 'Kelompok Amanah' due to their proximity to UNITEN outside perimeter. Maybe the guards need to do their routine round, checking if there's any suspicious activity or abnormality in that area. They can use the system which is used by the goverment and also private office where the guards need to turn the key placed in strategic location at a given time. With that, they need to walk their asses off and in the same time may notice if there's anything suspicious happen. I hope that this thing will improve the security of our accomodation unit.

As the malay proverb say, 'mencegah lebih baik daripada mengubati', things should be done to improve the security in UNITEN before its to late.